Lusail Office Tower:

Architect Ronald Baz

The project is defined by the superposition of a sculpted volume holding an angle glass Cube over viewing the sea at 360 degree panorama

  • The volume is a great vertical and blind high-rise wall framing glass volume with a clear façade where elegance and simplicity will take place..
  • Total built up area : 40.288 m2

Blusail furnished apartments, plot R47 in Al Erkyah, Lusail:

The building concept is unique, based on contrast between glazing and aluminium louvers with large openings, while the elevations are a mix glass and stone. The building design approach was used to optimize the space, the design offers a large spaces for the luxury living in a choice of Thoughtfully appointed 1,2 and 3 bedroom apartments. .

Qatar Marina Tower Lusail:

Architect Ronald Baz

The project is a prestigious office Tower in Lusail , the illusion of structural walls covered with glass illuminated is showing the lightness of the structure and elegance in shape. Structural walls are dividing the plan to four elements and creating the common core.

  • Total built up area : 34.464 m2

Private Project:

Architect Ronald Baz

This iconic project is a landmark design for office building, the circular volume establish a dynamic relationship and is linked by an open public Piazza. The garden in the middle minimize water and energy use for the building in the summer months.

Private Headquarter in Energy City, Doha, Qatar:

Architect Ronald Baz

The building’s concept is based on Contrast between negative and positive, while a center of elevations is a mix of glass and wood panels, the building design approach was used to optimize the work space, This design offers flexibility in offices division. The project consists of 2 basements, Ground Floor, Mezzanine and 3 upper floors.

  • Total built up area : 7500m2

Marina Lusail Office Tower:

This office tower is located at Marina Lusail City, it is a unique design architecture vision where the building move in a harmony and dynamic tension.

Lusail Office Tower:

An Elegant prestigious office building in Marina Lusail City, it was designed to be a landmark and significant element in Lusail area.

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